Business Owner at The Wellness Coach House

Janine Laurent

As the founder of The Wellness Coach House, Janine Laurent brings over 15 years of expertise in somatology, spa design, and business development. Her journey began in high-end spa management in Africa, expanding to exclusive London spas and wellness retreats. Balancing a multifaceted career with motherhood, Janine has diversified into creative marketing, design, and fashion.

The Wellness Coach House is more than a business; it's a community hub where Janine shares her knowledge. Through coaching sessions, training courses, and support services, she empowers wellness professionals to achieve their goals. Janine is also involved in side projects, such as designing wellness spaces and collaborating with creatives, contributing to a thriving, inspired community

The Wellness Coach House
Luxury Retreats and Yacht adventures

Renata Tosic

Renata, a visionary creator and project developer in Luxury Yacht design and travel adventures, has seamlessly blended her passion for sophistication with a commitment to holistic well-being. Partnering with The Wellness Coach House, Renata has pioneered the creation of luxury retreats and unique escapes that transcend traditional travel experiences.

In the heart of Croatia, these meticulously crafted journeys go beyond the allure of high elegance. Renata's projects emphasize supporting and immersing in the vibrant tapestry of local businesses and savoring the richness of organic food produce. At the core of this partnership lies a profound connection to well-being and nature, offering travelers not just a lavish escape but an opportunity to rejuvenate, connect, and appreciate the beauty of life.

Luxury Yacht Curated Travel
The Wellness Coach House India

Shru S

Meet Shru S, the dedicated Business Developer of The Wellness Coach House India. Collaborating closely with Janine over the years on various projects, bringing The Wellness Coach House to India has been a dream realized for Shru. Her expertise and passion converge to build a thriving wellness community within the country.

Beyond being a skilled business developer, Shru's proficiency in photography, business design, and spa and holistic therapies adds a unique dimension to the projects she undertakes. Shru has also completed her MBA from PES university and have six experience from Thomson Reuters.

It's a heartfelt endeavor to create something truly special in India, where well-being and community intertwine seamlessly.

The Wellness Coach House India
Aerial Training and Movement

Nicole Budden

Introducing Nicole Budden, the Owner and Trainer at The Aerial Fitness Academy, now in an exciting partnership with The Wellness Coach House. With extensive experience in movement, fitness, Lyra, silks, and body core exercises, Nicole is a passionate advocate for the transformative power of movement.

Her love for teaching is evident as she works with each individual uniquely, meeting them where they are at in their fitness journey. Nicole's classes are inclusive, tailored for everyone, regardless of level, age, or body type. Whether you seek strength, flexibility, balance, or stability, there's a class designed just for you.

In collaboration with The Wellness Coach House, Nicole brings her expertise to a broader audience, emphasizing holistic well-being. As your Instructor, her goal is to challenge, motivate, and support you, ensuring you leave her class feeling happier, healthier, and stronger from the inside out. Join Nicole on a journey of movement and wellness, where every step is an opportunity for growth and self-discovery.

Aerial Evolution
Sustainability Coach and Educator

Mandy Spooner

Meet Mandy Spooner, a passionate advocate for physical and mental health, fitness, low-tox living, and contributing to an eco-friendly planet. With a mindset focused on personal growth, kindness, and supporting others, Mandy is on a mission to inspire positive change.

The journey began in 2017 when a realization about non-recyclable takeaway coffee cups sparked Mandy's commitment to reducing single-use plastic. A deep dive into the world of single-use plastic unveiled the staggering impact on the environment, igniting a determination to make a difference.

Witnessing the transformative power of small changes and the ripple effect of inspiring others, Mandy continued to make strides in the eco-friendly direction. The joy of seeing individuals adopt sustainable practices fueled Mandy's dedication to educating and inspiring others to embrace a lifestyle with fewer toxins and less plastic.


Plastic Free & Recycling Educator
Cait Dreyer

Cait Dreyer

Meet Cait, a proud South African who gracefully wears multiple hats in her dynamic life. As a new mom, she seamlessly navigates the joys and challenges of motherhood while concurrently steering a thriving Social Media & Marketing Agency. Cait is deeply passionate about supporting businesses, bringing her creative design flair to the forefront, and efficiently managing multiple communication channels.

Cait's expertise extends beyond individual brilliance; her knack for building and leading creative teams adds immense value to The Wellness Coach House. Her love for social media and creative design isn't just a profession; it's a calling. Cait possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise, inspiring others with her innovative approach and strategic insights. Balancing the intricacies of being a new mom and a dedicated entrepreneur, Cait exemplifies resilience and creativity, leaving an indelible mark in the realms of social media, marketing, and team leadership.

Creative Designer/Brand Strategist
The Wellness Coach House Africa

Joslynn Winkle

Meet Joslyn Winkle, the dedicated Project Manager and Developer for The Wellness Coach House Africa. Rooted in a rich heritage and a life spent in Africa, Joslyn brings an invaluable wealth of knowledge and diverse experiences in cultural developments across the continent.

With a deep-seated passion for community and business growth, Joslyn is not just a project manager; she's a driving force for positive change. Her expertise and commitment extend to supporting vulnerable communities within Africa, embodying the spirit of compassion and empowerment.

Having grown up alongside Janine in the heart of Africa, Joslyn shares a lifelong dream to create a meaningful project that aids communities in need. Together, they have envisioned The Wellness Coach House Africa as a transformative initiative, echoing the proverb "teach a man to fish, and he can feed his village." At the core of their mission lies the goal of not only instilling confidence in individuals but also redefining business, breaking boundaries, and fostering skill development. Joslyn's journey is a testament to the belief that through community empowerment, lasting positive change can be achieved in the heart of Africa and beyond.

The Wellness Coach House Africa
Pinterest Specialist

Chiara Vicary

Meet Chiara Vicary, a distinguished Pinterest Specialist and Analyst whose love for the creative world has made her a trailblazer in the realm of mood boards and Pinterest design and analytics. Renowned for her extensive knowledge and expertise, Chiara brings a unique flair to her work, curating visually stunning and strategically effective content.

With a deep passion for the creative process, Chiara is not only a specialist but also a dedicated guide for her clientele worldwide. Her commitment to sharing her knowledge and providing meticulous care to businesses globally reflects her keen eye for detail and an unwavering passion to craft unique aesthetics tailored to each client's distinct identity.

Chiara's journey in the world of Pinterest is a testament to her dedication to the art of visual storytelling and her ability to transform ideas into captivating realities. Beyond her role as a Pinterest Specialist and Analyst, Chiara's background as an art and fashion designer has significantly contributed to her expertise. Now, as a full-time Pinterest Specialist and Educator, she imparts her knowledge, including a unique approach to color, to her students, leaving an indelible mark on the creative landscape.

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Spa therapist and eyelash technician

Bella Considine

Meet Bella Considine, the visionary owner and creator of The Bell and Co. With a wealth of experience in skin and spa therapies, as well as expertise in eyelash techniques, Bella is a trailblazer in the beauty industry. Her passion lies in crafting a unique customer experience for each client, ensuring that every visit to The Bell and Co is not just a treatment but a personalized journey.

Bella's extensive knowledge spans all areas within the beauty world, and she infuses each of her signature therapies with a unique essence. From skin treatments to spa therapies and eyelash techniques, Bella's dedication to creating a distinctive and valuable experience sets The Bell and Co apart.

As a seasoned professional, Bella Considine doesn't just offer beauty services; she curates an atmosphere of indulgence and care, where clients not only look their best but also feel rejuvenated and cherished. In every aspect of her work, Bella strives to add a touch of excellence, making The Bell and Co a haven for those seeking personalized and exceptional beauty treatments.

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